About Us

Welcome to Devnaari, a women-owned company founded by four driven, aspirational women who achieved their shared objective. Our journey began with the intention of establishing a location for fashion that respects individuality, diversity, and autonomy. Our goal is to completely transform the clothing industry using Prime Minister Narendra Modi's ground-breaking 5F Formula.


As female business owners, we recognize the value of diversity and representation in the fashion industry. With a broad selection of sizes and designs to fit every body shape and taste, our carefully chosen collection embodies our ideals. Every item, whether it's for a formal occasion or something more informal, is chosen with care to ensure that it fits well and is stylish.


At Devnaari, our goal is to provide our clients with an extensive selection of exquisite clothing that not only makes them feel good about themselves, but also looks great. In the fashion sector, we are dedicated to advancing body positivity, self-expression, and environmental responsibility. Our platform aims to encourage women to value their originality and distinctive style.


Four driven and enthusiastic women with a united goal of transforming the fashion business established Devnaari. Our company's success and creativity are fueled by the distinct skill sets, experiences, and viewpoints that each founder brings to the table.


Devnaari has achieved many notable firsts since its foundation, including expanding its product line, working with suppliers who care about the environment, and developing a loyal following of customers around the world. We are excited to continue pushing the frontiers of fashion and empowering women in the process. We are proud of our path of development, education, and positive influence.

We are delighted to contribute to PM Modi's 5F Formula and promote India's rich textile tradition internationally as we support the journey "from farm to fibre, fibre to factory, factory to fashion, and from fashion to foreign."